Chosing Car Tyre Inflator

If you are looking for a car tyre inflator, have a look at the top of this page. I’ve reviewed various tyre inflators from RAC600 to RAC900. Rule of thumb – the higher the number, the more features or power the inflator has. RAC600 is suitable for small city cars, and usually is only recommended to use in emergency situations. While RAC900 can inflate any 4×4 tyre in no time. These inflators are powered off the different power sources as well, for example, RAC600 is powered off the 20V cigarette ligher socket, while RAC900 is powered off the mains.

There are many different types of car tyre inflators, feel free to browse through our site to find the find the best deals and information.

Air compressors and car tyre inflators are almost the same thing, however, there are car tyre inflators which have some distinctive features than an air compressor and are especially designed for tyres. Hand pumps can even be used to inflate air in the tyres but doing so is a very hard task as it requires a lot of energy and time which nobody would like to spend on just filling air in the tyres. Many drivers and car owners look for an automatic pump which makes filling air in the tyre easy and saves their precious time.

Those tyre inflators that are used commercially by tyre stations are much more expensive and are designed for commercial use and not for individual use. They have the ability to inflate tyres of different vehicles very quickly. Those people who own more than one or two cars or own many cars like a car showroom owner, can even use these inflators for the purpose as well. One or two gallons of air are needed by those who refill the air of their tires occasionally.

Another kind of inflator is road side inflator. It is an extremely tiny air compressor which can be inserted into an average electrical switch, or run off the electrical current in the car. The device is plugged into the DC opening, conventionally recognized as the car’s cigarette lighter. Inflating air through this air compressor can be time consuming; it can even take more time than a mini inflator. Many of them are designed with an air checking meter to check the level of air in the tyre.

There are also some other features of roadside air inflators.  Some are manufactured with a torch light or flash light which helps the user to find the air valve of the tyre in the dark. Some are manufactured with the attachment of a yellow light which indicates to other motorist that a car has stopped functioning and it is standing on the road side. An automatic feature of automatic shutdown is added in roadside car tyre inflators so the air stops inflating when it reaches the desired level.

Some of the roadside inflators come with battery option which makes it wireless. This is a rechargeable battery so it can be utilized in emergency situations quite comfortably. This option should be used with care as unemployed rechargeable batteries lose their charging with the course of time. It should be recharged every 2 months to ensure usage at the time of trouble.

I have elaborated about 2 different types of car tyre inflators, now it’s up to you to select the most appropriate one considering your needs and requirements.

slime comp06 pro power heavy duty tire inflator

slime comp06 pro power heavy duty tire inflator is known as a good quality tire inflator,  which was specially made for bigger cars such as 4×4, trucks, SUVs etc. slime comp06 pro power heavy duty tire inflator should inflate the tyre in about 3 minutes. Another great advantage of this tyre inflator is that it works quiet, considering its power!

  1. I am looking for a tyre inflator that runs off mains power and not from cig lighter socket.

  2. :?: how can i order for it

  3. pls how can i order for one and what is the price per unit

  4. Excellent website! Thank you for taking the time to make this site and inform people of the different tyre inflators/air compressors.

    Just bought myself a nice Ring RAC640. Great links to best prices and reviews.

    Kind regards.

    Mr Mistry

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    online and i am happy with the product.this is really cool I made an 2nd order for a gift to my cousin in Bangalore

  6. i need a car inflator to buy, how can i contact you?

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